For many years, Skills Development has been regarded as one of the most crucial pillars for economic success and stability. However, with lack of space in Universities, access to funding and a myriad of other issues, South African legislation has placed extreme importance on proper assessment and implementation of skills development strategies in the workplace. Organizations are now being used as the catalysts to transform skills deficiencies and cultivate competence in our rapidly developing country.

Corporate Education is fast becoming the most prevalent form of learning and development activities on a global scale. Never before have economies become so reliant on organisations to upskill, develop and cultivate competence within their workforce. South Africa is a stalwart example of how Government incentivises and supports this initiative.

In addition, any organisation that needs to improve and deliver on its Mission Statement and Overall Strategy has to know what skills and knowledge the organisation requires, as well as what skills and knowledge the organisation currently has. Identifying and closing this gap will enable the organization to effectively meet its objectives as well as empower its people, thereby empowering the economy.

We engage directly with our clients in order to provide a total solution in respect of their skills development and training needs – by considering the employees, company standards, industry principles and global best practice methodologies.

There are a number of services that The Business School of South Africa is able to offer our clients in respect of their Human Capital needs. These are:

Learnership and Skills Programme Advisory Services, Planning & Implementation
Facilitated Training Workshops
Accredited Short Courses
Management & Leadership Development Programmes
Blended Learning
Electronic Learning (eLearning)
      Off-the-shelf online learning content
      Development of customised content specific to your requirements
      Video-Based Learning (VBL)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Skills Audits (Custom System Development)
Skills Development Facilitation (SDF) Consulting
Training Implementation Strategy (TIS) Consulting
Corporate Academy Consulting (Setup and Accreditation)

We are also able to tailor any Skills Programme, Supervisory, Management and/or Leadership Development Programme customised to your requirements, aligned to your company policies and structured to meet specific objectives. View Learnerships

Please click to view our Client Engagement Process Flow below:

Please click to view our short clip to understand how a Professional Development Profile (PDP) is formulated:

Please click below to understand how a Tripartite Relationship works for SETA funded programmes:

Our Inside-Out training methodology works wonders for any company geared towards creating a culture of competence.

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