If the world is a game, life is a sport and YOU are the player.

The process of learning is ever-changing, and it is the responsible organisation that rapidly adapts, competes and conquers.Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts to improve user engagement, organizational productivity and overall learning of a given topic.

Gamification uses techniques that leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, competing and learningor simply as a response to the framing of a situation as a game or play. By creating content that is engaging, relevant and fun, people don’t even realise that they are learning.

Games are played by using a desktop, laptop or smart device. Built-in leaderboards with a dashboard allows administrators to review player and question level analytics. In this way, you are able to track the level of expertise of each employee, determine poor knowledge areas and bridge these gaps with additional training to prevent negative impact on your business and improve overall productivity.

The Business School of South Africa can assist you with customizing your content for creation of a variety of online games that keep the user entertained whilst reinforcing or sharingknowledge.

View an example or play a game:

Sample Game: Sky Jumper
Aim of the Game: The sky has no limit. Knowledge is power. Leap to greater heights by answering the questions accurately.
Type: Arcade
Sample of Sky Jumper Game:

Play a Game: Lessons in Leadership inspired by Game of Thrones
Aim of the Game: Test your leadership skills and compare them to major GoT characters.
Type: Board Game
Play: Click Here

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