SMART is the acronym for Synchronous Management of Assessments, Training & Reporting.

Synchronous refers to the concurrent administration of student activities whilst they are enrolled on
a learning programme. There are various requirements that lead up to successful accreditation and certification. These requirements must be constantly managed to make the overall learning experience efficient and compliant.

The SMART System is a cloud-based software application made up of different modules that function on their own but together form a total solution for HR Development activities. SMART-LMS is a responsive Learning Management System (LMS) within the SMART Suite allowingUsers to obtain information that is fast, accurate and up-to-date. It is used for capturing and storing data in a secure environmentwhich is in turn utilized for assessment, tracking, reporting and certification.

The SMART-LMS is an efficient method of maintaining the relationship between client and training provider. Clients will be able to track attendance, results and all other information required for SETA reporting and grant applications.Data can be exported to MS Excel and pdf formats.

Use of the SMART-LMS is included when engaging The Business School of South Africa to implement your Learnership, Internship or other Training Programme.

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