The Business School of South Africa is a private provider of accredited training solutions registered with the Services SETA since March 2005. Our focus is on specialized, customized and recognized programmes aimed at the following target audiences:

  • Individuals, Managers and Executives who wish to achieve maximum effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Corporate Companies who wish to empower their staff with fundamental workplace skills.

The Business School of South Africa is a Level 1 EME that facilitates professional development and encourages productive thinking towards cultivating a culture of competence in South Africa.

Our core focus is on providing a customised, flexible and accredited offering to corporate clients looking to implement their Workplace Skills Plans (WSP). We offer a relevant advisory service to clients that ensure maximization of their scorecard points whilst still meeting the objectives of their industry or organizational developmental needs.

Our accelerated approach is based on best practice methodologies that incorporate integrated assessments and recognition of prior knowledge and experience. Our participants benefit from engaging discussions, practical implementation and relevant information coupled with recognized certification monitored by the Services SETA and endorsed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


The Business School of South Africa offers SETA accredited, NQF aligned and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) endorsed programmes. Accredited learning requires the fulfilment of workshop attendance and the submission of a Portfolio of Evidence (POE) for assessment towards Competence Certification and credit recognition. Please note that even though our primary ETQA is the Services SETA, we work across the board with all other SETA’s.


To be the acknowledged skills hub for accelerated business, management and entrepreneurial learning for our nation.


To enhance the future of our students and clients and make them world-class competitors through the provision of critical knowledge and skills at the different levels in business.


The following core values shall serve to guide the thinking, actions and governing processes of the Business School of South Africa and its members, affiliates and partners:


The personal attribute of generating original ideas and perspectives, departing from conventional views to pursue a new approach, conception or vision.


Willingness to generate and/or pursue ideas, proposals and actions, assuming personal responsibility for their disposition.


We strive for the very highest standards in everything that we do. We challenge each other to produce important new knowledge at the leading edge of our disciplines, to create an intellectually rigorous learning environment and to show uncompromising dedication to those we serve.


Believing, thinking, and acting consonant with one’s espoused values and intentions. Integrity is the hallmark of wholeness, personally and professionally.


Unconditional acknowledgment and acceptance of others as persons, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender or beliefs. Tolerance is the core value for diversity.


  • To provide knowledge, training and skills through effective facilitation.
  • To publicize knowledge.
  • To stimulate economic growth.
  • To help reduce poverty and unemployment.
  • To empower the nation.
  • To attract, develop and retain professional trainers and facilitators.
  • To promote capacity building.
  • To provide an enabling environment for students and clients to learn.
  • To facilitate productivity improvement in private and public organizations.
  • To support our communities through business clinics, start up and business growth programmes.
  • To promote entrepreneurship development.
  • To conduct research and consistently develop new and innovative ways to deliver accelerated learning programs, workshops and other skills transfer channels on a practical level.
  • Provide accelerated business, management and entrepreneurial training and mentorship programs in a practical setting.